The manufacturers and Bernie meet at Monza

Bernie Ecclestone, San Marino GP 2002

Bernie Ecclestone, San Marino GP 2002 

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It was not a big high profile meeting but at Monza Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone met with the representatives of the automobile manufacturers: Luca di Montezemolo representing Ferrari and Patrick Faure representing Renault and (oddly) Mercedes-Benz. There are no details of what went on but we understand that the focus is now on finding an elegant solution to the problems of the long-term future of F1. The key players in all of this will be the banks who are now shareholders of both the F1 group and of Ferrari.

Creating a structure which keeps everyone happy is not going to be an easy task but clearly things are now moving in the right direction and the likelihood of a rival manufacturers' World Championship are fading.

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