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SEPTEMBER 14, 2002

Team Red Bull USA on ice?

There was talk in the Monza paddock that Dietrich Mateschitz's plans for a Team Red Bull USA have been put on hold until 2004 as there is no obvious route for the Austrian drinks firm to take in order to fulfil its dream to have an American-flavored, Austrian-sponsored F1 operation. There is still some vague talk of a deal with the Ford Motor Company over Jaguar Racing but no sign that this is ever going to be agreed to.

The question of what Red Bull does in 2003 remains open with the possibilities including a deal to put Enrique Bernoldi into one of the available seats in F1 or for Mateschitz to embark on his American dream by sponsoring either Townsend Bell or Bryan Herta at Minardi.

We expect that a decision will be made in the course of the next few days.