What was Enge's drug?

Formula 3000 frontrunner Tomas Enge was keeping a low profile at Monza after the FIA announced that he had tested positive to using an illegal substance after the Hungaroring Formula 3000 race on August 17. Two urine samples were taken at the time and the first was the one found to be positive. The second sample will now be tested to establish whether or not the first sample was correct. This is normal procedure in drug testing.

Arden Team principal Christian Horner held a press conference on Thursday at Monza. He said that Enge is "insistent that he did not knowingly take any illegal substance or drug and is completely shocked and surprised to have tested positive". Horner said that Enge had the copmplete support of the team in this matter.

Asked whether the substance was cannabis, Horner did not deny it but refused to make any comment although later said that "the drug" was in no way performance enhancing."

This means that it is unlikely to be one of the drugs listed on the International Olympic Committee lists and is similarly not likely to be alcohol.

The World Council will consider the results of the tests on October 1.

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