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Arrows and the FIA

The initial fuss about Arrows needing to answer to the FIA for failing to race in Belgium is now over and everyone is waiting to see what the response will be. We are not expecting any response at all. The team put in its explanation late on Tuesday night. On Wednesday FIA President Max Mosley took off to Mexico City for the FIA's American Congress, where clubs from North America and South America gather to discuss automotive and mobility issues. Formula One is not expected to be discussed much, with the focus being on the federation's tree-plating projects.

Mosley is not expected back in Europe until the start of next week at which point Arrows will be going to court to face a winding-up order. Thus it makes little sense for the FIA to do nothing until the outcome of that move is known. In this respect the FIA's timing has been quite intelligent, as it is being seen to have acted without actually having done anything. In this way it will not be blamed for having pushed Arrows out of business while at the same time has been seen by the other teams as having taken action to avoid creating precedents with the force majeure regulations.

The interesting thing now will be to see whether or not there will be a buyer for the rights and the assets if Arrows goes into liquidation. That will have to happen quickly because the team cannot miss a race while in a state of insolvency. With the attendance of the race established on Thursday, there are just two days for all the paperwork to be done and a new entity created.