Is Formula 1 in trouble because of Ferrari?

There has been much talk in recent months about the damage that Ferrari domination is doing to Formula 1 - but this is not to look at the bigger picture. The question is not that one team is ahead of the rest but that all the way down through the field it is increasingly hard for one driver to overtake another. Traditionally such things are possible at Spa but this year there was very little action and it was clear the technical regulations are such that things need to be changed to help the drivers overtake. It is believed that the FIA is studying things that could be done to improve the show with engine changes under discussion in addition to alterations to the chassis and tyre rules. Proposals are expected to be put forward in time for the next Formula 1 Commission.

The Ferrari domination is another issue and even Bernie Ecclestone's own site is running a story saying "Rivals downbeat after Ferrari domination". Such things are not new in the sport and traditionally rivals will catch up but it is the lack of passing behind the two Ferraris that seems to be the more worrying concept.

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