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AUGUST 31, 2002

What now for Arrows?

Tom Walkinshaw was not able to run his Arrows cars on Friday at Spa but the Scotsman was hoping to complete the deal to sell a part of his team to a group of American investors in time for the team to be able to compete on Saturday morning. But as one inside source in the team said "there was a mountain of paperwork to get through" and in the end it was decided that it was wiser for the team to give up for the weekend and head for home in the hope that the FIA would accept the circumstances and not take action against the team.

The FIA has been patient with the Arrows situation. The federation has been aware that a large number of jobs are dependent on the team surviving. The general feeling in the paddock has been that it would best if the team can be saved. Bernie Ecclestone has been helping Walkinshaw a great deal and none of the other F1 teams have made any moves against Arrows but as each race has passed the pressure has been building for the FIA to explain its position with regard to the Sporting Regulations as the federation was keen not to create any precedents.

Our understanding is that the FIA has now asked Arrows to explain, in writing, the circumstances which have led to the team's withdrawal from the Belgian GP and that once this has been considered the federation will decide whether or not there should be a sanction against the team. In the interim Walkinshaw and his men can continue to try and sort out the team which they hope will save the team.