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AUGUST 18, 2002

A nice little earner for Cosworth

CART has announced its plans for engine supply for next year with a $4m deal for Cosworth Racing to sell the organization 100 engines for use in the United States series for the next couple of years. CART will lease the engines to its competitors at $100,000 per car per season. This will bring down costs from the current $3m levels and will help the smaller teams survive.

The series currently has Ford, Honda and Toyota competing against one another but the two Japanese manufacturers will be switching to the Indy Racing League next year. CART is hoping to be able to do a deal with the Ford Motor Company, owner of Cosworth Racing, to badge the engines with one of the Ford brands. There will be no other engines allowed in the series.

CART will look after all the engine supply arrangements including support at each event.