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AUGUST 12, 2002

Who drives for Minardi?

The Minardi team is expected to announce tomorrow who its second driver will be for the next two Grands Prix. It is believed that the team will decide that Alex Yoong needs to take a bit of time off in order to do some more testing, specifically simulating qualifying sessions so that the Malaysian driver is able to get more experience and thus more confidence in the all-important hour-long session.

The big question if Yoong is stood down is who will get the drive and it seems, from our sources, that the choice is down to just two names following the unfortunate discovery that Justin Wilson cannot fit in the car. We hear that BAR test driver Anthony Davidson is one contender for the job while the other is Formula 3000 driver Giorgio Pantano. Davidson has done a large amount of testing with BAR in the course of the last two years while Pantano drove for Minardi at the weekend in the Thunder in the Park event at Donington Park.

We expect to find out the answer to the question: Yoong, Davidson or Pantano, tomorrow morning.