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AUGUST 11, 2002

Will Arrows go to Hungary?

The mystery over what is happening at Arrows has been continuing all week but now Craig Pollock, the man expected to buy the Arrows F1 team, has thrown some doubt on the future of the team in an interview with the Swiss newspaper Le Matin in which he says that he has made an offer for the team but that he has yet to receive a reply from Tom Walkinshaw.

"The more this goes on the less expensive the team will be," Pollock told the newspaper. "I don't think Arrows will go to the next Grand Prix unless a solution is found."

If the team does miss the next race there are likely to be problems as the Concorde Agreement states that unless team competes in all events there will be no financial benefits. In other words the team will lose a considerable amount of value if it does not appear in Budapest.

"If it does not happen at least I would have tried," Pollock said. "But I would say there is an 80 percent chance that it will happen."

Pollock is said to have backing for the new project from an American investor.