Suharto unlikely to organise new F1 race

Tommy Suharto, the man who tried to put Indonesia on the Formula 1 map, is not going to be bidding for any more Grand Prix dates - as he has just started a 15-year prison sentence for ordering the murder of an Indonesian Supreme Court judge. Suharto was convicted on corruption charges in November 2000 and then absconded. The judge who had sentenced him to 18 months in jail was later murdered. Suharto was eventually recaptured after a year on the run.

When his father was president of Indonesia, Tommy did more or less as he pleased. He was a racing fan and competed in various forms of racing, notably in touring cars. He was head of the national sporting authority and for a period represented Indonesia with the FIA. After his father was forced to resign Suharto's troubles began and the downward spiral followed.

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