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JULY 28, 2002

Herta to try Minardi

American racer Bryan Herta is to join the fun at Minardi's Thunder in the Park event at Donington in the middle of August. The Californian racer has long said that he would like to try Formula 1 and while the Donington event could hardly be construed to be a test, it will nonetheless allow Herta to feel what an F1 car is like and will perhaps inspire him to try and get a proper test in the future. Herta has been out of open-wheeler racing since the end of last season and has spent this year racing for Panoz in sports cars.

Herta had long talks with Arrows last winter but these failed to produce a drive.

Herta will drive a two-seater Minardi at Donington but is also expected to get behind the wheel of a 2002 car during a pit stop competition which will allow him a lap or two in the car.