Button signs for four years!

JENSON BUTTON's deal to join Lucky Strike BAR Honda is for four years - which means that the British youngster will be with the team until the end of 2006. The deal begins with a solid two-year contract and after that the team has options for both 2005 and 2006. This means that Williams has decided that it is not interested in signing up Button for 2005 as had been thought. Williams gave Button his break in F1 and has always expressed the view that Jenson is a real talent but clearly Williams had other priorities. It will be interesting now to follow the career of Brazilian Antonio Pizzonia.

"Jenson has an extraordinary talent which now needs to be nurtured in the right environment in order for it to flourish," David Richards said. "In the past seven months the management team have set out a long-term plan which is designed to deliver success to BAR and our partners. This won't happen overnight and we have realistic expectations for the next two seasons. In the current Formula 1 climate, we are fortunate to have the stability of long-term funding and a strong, developing relationship with Honda. Our agreement with Jenson will enable us to carry that stability through to our driver line-up and, as we move forward, I have every confidence that he will play a pivotal role in gelling the team together."

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