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JULY 19, 2002

Walkinshaw says Arrows will run on Saturday

TOM WALKINSHAW says that the Arrows team will run on Saturday at Magny-Cours. Walkinshaw said that "we were advised that the best thing to do was to do very little today so that consequences of anything happening on the track wouldn't interfere with the negotiations."

Walkinshaw said that the negotiations taking place involved "Morgan Grenfell and with investors who are coming in to the team" but said that the various parties were not in contact with one another. I'm sure in the end it will be OK. It's just a rather drawn-out process and its a bit unfortunate it had to be done in the public arena."

Walkinshaw added that "in the fullness of time when the proper full story of this comes out, I don't think we'll have anything to be ashamed of".

The saga continues.