Red Bull and A1 Ring

RED BULL is a company which has money to spend and the motor racing world fits in nicely with the company's advertising philosophy of supporting participants in dangerous and extreme sports. The company is currently pushing hard to increase its sales in America and so improve on its already massive profits. The attempted purchase of the Arrows F1 team to turn it into Red Bull Team USA and the support for Danny Sullivan's Driver Academy to take an American driver into F1 are both signs of that policy.

The latest rumors surrounding the Austrian drinks firm is that it is going to buy into the A1 Ring, Austria's F1 venue. The logic behind such a move would be to create an F1 driving school to which Red Bull-drinking fans could go to learn to drive F1 cars. This would fit in neatly with the company's marketing and provide teams with a market for all chassis. Arrows has already sold several of its old cars to ORECA to run a similar school at Paul Ricard.

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