Courtney survives major accident at Monza unhurt

JAGUAR test driver James Courtney suffered a concussion Thursday morning during a spectacular crash while testing at Monza. The young Australian was approaching the Ascari chicane when rear suspension failure on the first generation R3 he was driving forced him into the wall. All four corners and much of the bodywork was ripped from the car (as designed), and Courtney emerged with just minor injuries.

"James was undertaking some mechanical testing in an old R3 as part of our development for next year's car," said the team's spokesman Nav Sidhu. "On the approach to the Ascari chicane, a rear suspension failure forced him off the track at high speed but, thankfully, James is OK. He is undergoing some x-rays and routine checks and all appears to be well. Pedro and Eddie will continue testing with the revised R3B as planned."

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