Australians plan for racing stars

AUSTRALIA is in a strong position to have a whole string of F1 drivers in the years ahead with Mark Webber, James Courtney, Rob Nguyen and Ryan Briscoe all within easy reach of Grand Prix racing. The quartet have one thing in common: they all left Australia in order to be successful and expect little or no help from their home country. This is obviously something which reflects badly on the country's industry and sporting federation.

The Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS) has been trying to change this situation and has just done a deal with the Australian Institute of Sport to develop a program to find and train young champions. CAMS will find the most talented young racers in Australia and the AIS will instruct them on nutrition, fitness and mental attitude towards the sport. The deal is for four years.

The biggest problem for the Australians remains money but the logic appears to be that if there is an Australian with sufficient talent to make it on the international scene there will be money to support them.

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