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JULY 9, 2002

In defense of Silverstone

FIA President Max Mosley and British sports minister Richard Caborn have come to the defense of the improvements made at the Silverstone circuit for this year's British GP.

Bernie Ecclestone called the weekend's activities "a county fair masquerading as a world event" after he managed to lose his way in a nearby airfield when his helicopter could not land inside the circuit over the weekend. The comments were soon followed by the resignation of Octagon CEO Rob Bain just one day after the race.

Mosley publicly said that he was impressed with the improvements and could not see the British GP being dropped from the F1 calendar anytime soon, and now sports minister Caborn has expressed his support of the job done by Octagon. He said the circuit had taken a "major step forward and everybody involved should be congratulated on a job well done". Caborn also added that, "It was unfortunate Bernie got caught in an airfield about 10 minutes away."