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JULY 8, 2002

Octagon Motorsports CEO Bain resigns

ROB BAIN has resigned from his position as the head of Octagon Motorsports just one day after his organization put on a trouble-free British GP. The F1 community was impressed with the improvements made to the Silverstone circuit in the past year, aimed at reducing the horrific traffic which has plagued the event in recent years.

Traffic was not a problem, but Bernie Ecclestone still managed to find problems with the signs inside the circuit. Ecclestone arrived by helicopter, but the recent work done around the circuit left his chauffeur lost and Bernie quite critical. He remarked that the event was a "county fair masquerading as a world event", and said despite the improvements made to the roads, the event's organization was worse than ever.

Bain expressed frustration with Ecclestone's comments, before announcing his resignation.