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JULY 4, 2002

Arrows apply for extension

THE Arrows team has asked the FIA to extend scrutineering until 10.00 tomorrow morning in the hope that a solution will be found overnight to the problems which look likely to put the team out of business. The team lost its case with Morgan Grenfell on Thursday morning and is facing huge bills from Cosworth, Morgan Grenfell and other creditors - and from its own lawyers.

The team had to have the cars scrutineered by 4pm on Thursday but as Arrows has no chassis at Silverstone it did not happen. It is believed that the cars stayed at the factory to avoid the possibility that they would be seized by one of the creditors.

The team is expected to fight-on overnight to try to find a solution but as each hour passes it is more and more likely that Formula 1's least successful team is finally going to go out of business.