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JULY 1, 2002

Reitzle looking for an F1 comeback - as a sponsor?

THERE has been speculation in recent days that Wolfgang Reitzle, the former Jaguar Racing boss who is now in charge of the German engineering firm Linde AG, may be looking at a Formula 1 sponsorship deal for one of Linde's brandnames for the 2003 season.

Reitzle is a big fan of Grand Prix racing and was one of architects of the current BMW engine program before he was ousted from the Munich company. He moved on to Jaguar where he was a prime mover in the rather less successful F1 operation.

Reitzle is thought to be biding his time with Linde with the long term aim being to return to the automobile industry to head one of the big German car firms.

In order to stay in the limelight - and promote Linde goods - Reitzle may be pushing for an F1 sponsorship deal.