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JUNE 28, 2002

Jaguar Racing - the world waits

JAGUAR RACING has shaken down its revamped R3 chassis and this is now running at Barcelona. The results of testing are rarely very significant as it is difficult to know whether teams are going for times or not but for the moment there has been no sign that the R3 is a big step forward - which the team hopes will be the case.

It may be that we will not see the full potential of the new revised car until practice for the British GP as there are a lot of things that need to be done nowadays with a basically new car which means that there is no time for show-boating with fast lap times. This is largely because of the complex nature of the electronic systems in the cars which need to be recalibrated to ensure that everything is working correctly.

In other words it is not right to judge the new car before we have seen it in action at a race. At the same time it is very clear that if the new car is not a big improvement on the old one, there is going to be trouble with the technical team at Jaguar and the knock-on effect of that could also be seen in the management of the troubled operation.