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JUNE 24, 2002

Crunch time for Jaguar Racing

THIS week is going to be vitally important for the Jaguar team as the company runs its all new aerodynamic package and revised car for the first time. If there is not a major improvement in performance it is likely that there are going to be more changes within the team. The team is currently under scrutiny by the Ford Motor Company's Richard Parry-Jones who is two weeks into a six-week survey into Ford's involvement with Jaguar and Cosworth. The aim of the investigation is to establish what is needed for Jaguar Racing to win.

The new chassis is the first step towards a recovery and so there will be much interest in the first tests of the car at the Ford testing grounds in Lommel, Belgium. This venue has been chosen because the testing can take place in complete secrecy as Lommel is hidden away in a remote and wooded part of Belgium, close to the Dutch border.

It is expected that the initial aerodynamic mapping tests on the straights at Lommel will be carried out by Andre Lotterer. If these tests are successful the car will then be sent to Barcelona for the big test at the end of this week.

There are lots of rumors floating around about the team with one popular story suggesting that Ford might consider putting Tom Walkinshaw in charge of Jaguar Racing. We do not believe this one.