Grand Prix Teams Ltd to go to arbitration over Minardi money

THE squabbles over the money which should have gone to Prost Grand Prix this year looked as though there were being settled in the days leading up to the European Grand Prix with FIA boss Max Mosley and FOM chief Bernie Ecclestone agreeing that the team should receive the money, despite the opposition from other team principals, who seemed to be of the opinion that they should share the money between themselves. Mosley is charged under Clause 5.6 of the Concorde Agreement to ensure that the clauses of the agreement are respected, concluded that Minardi should have a right to the money and told the rival teams to go to arbitration if they did not agree.

It seems that they will now do this. This process will not be possible for at least two months (and perhaps longer) so the whole sorry business looks like dragging on further.

We understand that the GPT Ltd (McLaren, Williams, Jordan, Arrows and BAR) has decided that it wants to take this course of action. The dispute will thus be heard by the International Chamber of Commerce in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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