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JUNE 21, 2002

Minardi waiting for the cash to arrive...

THE team managers met on Friday afternoon at the Nurburgring and all came out of the meeting saying that it has been a marvellous meeting of minds at which harmony and good will was much in evidence - the reality was rather different with some very heated exchanges over whether or now Minardi should be paid the money which would have gone to Prost Grand Prix. The outcome, it seems, is that Minardi will get the money and that if any of the teams do not agree then they must take their arguments to the International Chamber of Commerce in Lausanne, Switzerland. This is not going to happen...

In the course of the meeting there were a number of interesting revelations about the problems which other teams have been having in the current climate but alas no-one involved was willing to give details as the teams are very keen for their differences not to appear in print - which is probably a good course of action given the recent disagreements.

With the Minardi problem hopefully now out of the way the teams should have the opportunity to discuss more important issues such as where they are going in the future in relation the manufacturers, the Formula One group and the FIA. It is very clear that a new agreement needs to be found to ensure that the sponsors who currently fund the sport do not become worried about the long-term stability of the sport.