President Carlos Reutemann?

A poll in Argentina has revealed that former Ferrari, Brabham and Williams driver Carlos Reutemann is considered to be one of the favorites for the 2003 Presidential election in the troubled South American state.

Reutemann turned to politics when he left F1 in the early 1980s and made his name battling against corruption, and then as a state governor and senator. Reutemann picked up 12.4% of the votes in the survey, second to legislator Elisa Carrio, who polled 15 percent. Both Carrio and Reutemann are expected to stand in the election but neither has publicly confirmed their challenge.

The survey was conducted in Buenos Aires province which boasts around 30% of the country's population.

The current President Eduardo Duhalde has been unable to make of an impression because of the country's economic problems.

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