Minardi announces new sponsor

The company, founded in Austria by Christian Baha, has offices in Vienna, Frankfurt, Zurich, New York, Chicago and Grenada, and is hoping to use Minardi to break into the South East Asian and Australian markets.

"We will go full speed into Asia and Australia, with the strength of the Minardi name and the popularity of Mark Webber and Alex Yoong supporting the company's expansion into these regions starting in the summer of 2002," said the company's founder and CEO.

Minardi's Paul Stoddart added, "The Quadriga hedge funds already have a strong presence in their home market, but the Minardi team will help to establish the brand name in South East Asia. These are both young companies driven by an ambition to succeed and a desire to do things a little differently from the competition".

The Quadriga Group's green and white logo will appear on the PS02 beginning this weekend at the Nurburgring.

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