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JUNE 14, 2002

CART decides to keep turbo engines

CART has reversed its decision to move closer to the rules of the Indy Racing League and will keep its turbocharged engine formula next season - and Cosworth looks like being the only engine supplier. The news means that MG's plans to enter American racing have been thwarted. CART will lose Honda and Toyota at the end of the current season, with both going to IRL. Those decisions came after CART announced that it was moving away from the 2.65-liter turbo engines.

It is hoped that by going its own way again CART might draw back some of the manufacturers but it is gamble which may not pay off. The announcement is an indication that a merger between CART and IRL is less likely than ever and so it is now a fight to the death - with the sponsors likely to be the ones to decide which series they are going to support. As the Indy Racing League retains the Indianapolis 500 it is thought to have a better chance of survival but a better indication will be seen at the end of the current season when the CART teams decide what to do next season.

CART appears to be in the process of taking itself off the New York Stock Exchange but reaction so far to the announcement has not been positive with the company's share price sinking again.