Massa's crash at Monaco

FELIPE MASSA's accident at Monaco was a frightening one with the Brazilian suffering a rear brake failure at the Ste Devote corner and ploughing straight on into the barriers. According to our sources the Sauber was able to scrub off some of its speed before the moment of impact by still hit the tires at around 105mph with absolutely no deflection to the right or the left. The fact that Massa emerged unhurt is a further illustration of the levels of safety which have been developed in F1 in recent years although we understand that Massa's shunt was so violent that there was a slight indent in Massa's helmet visor from his head having hit the steering wheel. Fortunately the impact was such that he did not suffer any injury.

The impact of the shunt was taken by the tire barriers and the nose of the Sauber both of which behaved exactly as they were designed to do and absorbed the impact.

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