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JUNE 7, 2002

Irvine and Jordan

THERE was much chattering in Montreal about a possible deal between Eddie Irvine and Eddie Jordan for next season - but there is not much to back up the stories. It is fairly clear that there is not much space (nor desire) for Irvine at Jaguar Racing and there are not many other options. Jordan could conceivably be one option but at the moment the team's future is looking decidedly less than secure. The Honda engines are expected to go at the end of the year and the sponsorship from Deutsche Post is being pursued by teams which are performing rather better than Jordan. Benson & Hedges have made it clear that its long-term involvement in the sport is reducing but Jordan might be trying to convince the tobacco firm that a deal with Irvine would given them the publicity they seek in Britain.

However, it does Irvine no harm at all to have his name being linked with a F1 drive for 2003. And it does Jordan no harm to have the team mentioned in talks with a driver who has won Grands Prix (albeit some years ago).

And it does the British media no harm because there is not much to report about at the moment.

It is very unlikely that Eddie Irvine will drive for Jordan next year.