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JUNE 6, 2002

Sullivan gives more details of US driver scheme

DANNY SULLIVAN has given more details of his Red Bull Formula 1 Drivers Search which aims to get an American driver into Formula 1.

"We will pick four drivers, probably two a little bit younger and two a little bit more experienced," Sullivan says. "We will probably put them into anything from Formula 3, Formula Ford, Formula Nissan, Formula BMW or some other category, and not necessarily in one place. If we do Formula 3, we might put one in Formula 3 in England and one in Formula 3 in Germany.

"We are getting a lot of help from Bernie Ecclestone and F1 because everybody would like to see an American in F1. It is good for the sport, and it is the World Championship, so there is no reason why a country with as many people as we have shouldn't be represented. We definitely have the talent."