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JUNE 4, 2002

More controversy at Indianapolis

TEAM GREEN has announced that it is appealing the result of the Indianapolis 500 because it feels that Paul Tracy overtook leader Helio Castroneves before a yellow caution light was displayed on the penultimate lap of the 500.

Barry Green says that he has clear evidence from a frame-by-frame video that shows Paul Tracy had completed the overtaking maneuver before the yellow light came on. The team accepts that Tracy was behind when the accident between Buddy Lazier and Laurent Redon occurred but not before the caution was signalled.

Castroneves said that he backed off when he saw yellow and that allowed Tracy to pass him.

The appeal will go to Tony George, owner of Indianapolis and the IRL and it remains to be seen how he will deal with it. Given the poor performance on the race in the TV ratings this year, a bit of controversy is probably no bad thing for the 500!