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JUNE 1, 2002

TV ratings from motor racing's big weekend

THE American television networks have given details of how the various motor racing events last weekend did in terms with ratings and there is some good news for Formula 1 which got a solid 2.0 rating and a 6 share for its tape-delayed screening of the Monaco GP. This means that the coverage was watched by 2% of the overall TV audience and that it had a six percent share of the people watching TV at that moment.

The Indianapolis 500 suffered a drop of around 17% in viewership with the race getting only a 4.8 rating and a 15 share. Last year's race got a 5.8 rating.

The Coca-Cola 600, NASCAR's big event of the weekend, came away the winner with a 5.1 rating. The only sports event to get a better rating than that last week were the NBA play-off games on Friday and Saturday between the Lakers and the Kings.