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MAY 31, 2002

British GP timetable announced

THE British GP organizers have now published the program of events and the racing follows much the same lines as most Grands Prix with supporting events from the Formula 3000 teams and from the Porsche Michelin Supercup. However the fans will also be treated to a Formula 3 International Challenge, with qualifying on Friday and the race on Sunday morning, in the slot after the Drivers' Parade which is usually reserved for the Porsches. The Porsche race will now take place at 09.20 on Sunday, immediately after the F1 warm-up.

The Formula 3000 race will take place as usual on Saturday afternoon after the F1 qualifying is over.

In addition there will be an Historic Sportscar Invitation Challenge after the Grand Prix and the traditional air display by the Red Arrows will take place at lunchtime on race day before the F1 grid begins to line up for action.