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MAY 31, 2002

Pook talks to Formula 3000 teams

THERE are rumors in the United States that CART chief executive Chris Pook has been talking to a number of Formula 3000 team about the possibility of them switching to the US-based open-wheeler series next year. A number of the Formula 3000 teams are unhappy because of the rising costs in the formula and the field has been considerably reduced since last year by teams either going out of business or switching to other series, notably the Spanish-based Formula Nissan series. This boasts much smaller budgets but similar cars to those used in Formula 3000.

CART needs to find more cars as several teams have already moved to IRL and others are expected to follow next year. In addition several of the existing teams are struggling for money in CART.

CART continues to argue that it is the only series which offers drivers the chance to compete on ovals, street course and road tracks and that it has some of the most exciting open-wheel racing in the world.

These points are both true but the deciding factor will undoubtedly be money...