Monaco announces new pits by 2006

MONACO has revealed details of its plans to upgrade its outdated pitlane. This will result in the pit garages being between the race track and the pitlane, which will be two lanes wide. The pit entry and pit exit will remain in the same places but the garages will be much bigger than the small "boxes" that exist today. Each garage will be 15m in length and 10m deep. At the back of the garage there will be access to first floor offices which will be 15m x 5m and will give the teams views of the track on both sides of the pits. The garages will also include toilet facilities and rearward access to the signalling area.

The exit of the Swimming Pool area will also be changed to provide more run-off area but there will be big new grandstands opposite the pits with commentary boxes on top of them.

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