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MAY 20, 2002

Italian strikes to hit Ferrari?

MOST of the work that is done these days on Formula 1 cars is done by the teams themselves but there are always parts which require outside manufacturing. This has led to speculation in F1 circles that the dominant Ferrari team could suffer at the hands of the striking Italian unions. Most teams these days have protected themselves against such disruptions but in the past there have been problems as a result of industrial action.

The Italian unions are battling with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi over reform of the labor laws which will make it easier for people to be fired. At the moment it is virtually to fire anyone in Italy.

There was a general strike a month ago.

Berlusconi says he is committed to the change.

Relations between the government and the unions has been under strain since the assassination of Marco Biagi, one of the men who came up with the reforms two months ago. In addition to the manufacturing trade there are also expected to be transport strikes which will be disruptive.