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MAY 18, 2002

What about John Barnard?

SINCE the demise of Prost Grand Prix there has been no word at all about the future of John Barnard and his B3 Technologies company in Shalford, Surrey. Barnard had been contracted to Prost to supply the French team with new ideas and new technology but as Prost GP has gone the operation is no doubt available to work for other F1 operations if they feel the need to use the operation.

There have in recent days been a few whispers about Barnard and McLaren although at the same time there has also been talk of McLaren and Mike Coughlan. It should not be forgotten that Coughlan is a Barnard pupil and disciple and it is always possible that the two might have got together again.

But it is still not clear why McLaren would need to hire anyone as the team has strength in depth in terms of its engineering and the major problem seems to be a lack of horsepower rather than a lack of aerodynamic downforce or basic mechanical grip.

But as McLaren looks ahead to producing a car capable of winning races next year it is always possible that the team has decided to try to have a change around of its technical staff.

At the moment all the stories are just rumors.