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MAY 15, 2002

And still it comes...

THE furor surrounding the Austrian Grand Prix has still not died down with e-mails still flooding in from all over the world. Here are a few of the comments we have received.

"Schumacher's win was an absolute farce. A true champion wins a championship on his own merits. If Michael Schumacher wins the championship by three points, then he really isn't the true champ. I use to be a Ferrari supporter, but after the last race, not any more." John Knez, Australia.

"The decisions of a few petty individuals threaten to destroy F1 at a time when many players are stretched to the limit to field a team for the health of the sport. The flood of ubiquitous messages from around the globe projects overwhelming disdain by a global viewing audience." Brian Campbell, Nova Scotia, Canada

"I do not think Ferrari did anything wrong." Michiel van den Bosch, Rotterdam, Holland

"I've enjoyed F1 for over 20 years, but Austria 2002 marks the end of my ability to care about F1. The sport has become big business personified. Between the many rule changes, the hopelessly boring parades they created, the political and financial intrigue and the low quality free TV coverage, F1 has become as unpleasant as watching sharks breed." Paul Maloney, Colorado, USA.

"My view is that Ferrari fixed the race from the moment both cars where in the lead. There was never a moment of racing between the two drivers, and it was all down to qualifying where Schumacher had a problem with his car. Do you really think Schumacher had not pushed harder if he was actually racing Barrichello?" Svein Erik Sundsteigen, Norway

"Ferrari should be fined $10 million for their despicable actions at Sunday's Austrian Grand Prix. This will tell them they are not the only team on the planet." Les Humphries, British Columbia, Canada

"My wife and I, who were avid supporters, have watched an F1 race for the last time. The great names of Formula 1 racing must turning in their graves." R.H.Milnes, UK

"It's an embarrassment to say that I am an F1 fan. What a horrible, horrible travesty. No driver should ever be put in a position to have to forfeit a win because of "orders" from above. That's not racing. It's buffoonery." Valerie Wood, USA

"The FIA must take action to prevent such shams. The fact that betting occurs on F1 racing surely makes this decision a fraud". John Burch, Sydney, Australia

"The most pitiful aspect of Sunday's race is the behavior of Rubens. To stand on the top step of the podium, accept the

victory cup, and sit in the winner's chair at the press conference shows he was taking orders from Michael. He should have let Michael get booed on the top step of the podium, and let him feel humiliated in the center chair on international television." Taylor McCormick, USA

"Ross Brawn and Jean Todt should respect the outcome of the race, with Schumacher enjoying a significant lead in the

championship points, their decision was bullsh*t. Their integrity in all aspects of motor racing is placed in doubt with fixed-race result." Dennis Caronan, Manila, Philippines

"I had to explain to my four year old daughter why the Austrian people were booing and jeering in the stands. Mr. Todt, do you know how difficult it is to explain the concept of integrity and honor to a four year old? No - I didn't think so because today Ferrari showed they have none. I firmly support any action by the FIA to prevent this type of spectacle from ruining what was up until yesterday the sport of F1. Now more than ever the FIA needs to demonstrate it's

role as the governing body of motorsport." Graydon Dallas-Orr, California, USA

"I do not agree with what happened but I can see Ferrari's logic. If people are naive enough to think that this doesn't happen with other teams and in other sports, then I think they are fooling themselves. If people want to complain about something, have a go at all the bosses of F1 as they can't sort anything out these days." Russell Batchelor, Nottingham, UK

"Team Orders are an out of date paradigm. Lets hope everyone in F1 can learn from the experience and close the book on this ugly chapter in the sports history." Michael Hickey, Phoenix, Arizona.