Sato out of hospital

TAKUMA SATO has been released from Graz's University Hospital after a night under observation overnight following his accident in yesterday's Austrian Grand Prix.

"My legs and knees are a little sore but that's all," said Sato. "I remember everything about the accident. I was turning into the corner with Montoya almost alongside me. I heard a big bang and shut my eyes for a split second. I had no idea what it was and didn't see Heidfeld coming at all. When I opened my eyes I could see my legs were squashed by the damaged monocoque and I could also see the ground through the hole! It was obvious that I had had a big accident. I was conscious and could feel my arms and legs, and although there was some pain, I knew nothing was broken. The car did a great job of saving me."

The doctors in Graz say there will be no problem for Sato to drive in Monaco in 10 days time. A decision will be taken tomorrow as to whether he will drive a Lotus 49 in the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique on May 19 as had been planned.

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