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MAY 10, 2002

No shortage of cars for F1

THERE is a lot of speculation in the Formula 1 paddock at the moment about the effects of the recession on the Formula 1 grids but this is not actually a true picture of the situation and one is led to the conclusion that all the cries for cost-cutting measures from some of the smaller teams are, in fact, little more than scare-mongering.

Our sources say that Article 5.3.2 of the Concorde Agreement states that the signatories agree to provide a third car if the number of cars entered for a race falls below a certain point. Thus even if there were only seven teams left there would still be 21 cars on the grid.

Some of those advocating cost-cutting measures are arguing (loudly) that Formula 1 is in grave danger of running out of cars but as team bosses they are some of the few people who have access to the Concorde Agreement and so must be aware of the provision mentioned above. The problem, as we understand it, is that all signatories of the Concorde Agreement are bound not to divulge clauses in the document and so no-one will stand up and say that the current scare is illusory.

Running three cars instead of the current two would not increase costs enormously although the bigger teams would probably end up taking five cars to events to allow for two spares in case there were problems.