Peugeot denies F1 plans

PEUGEOT SPORT boss Corrado Provera has told Motorsport News magazine in England that the idea of the company returning to Formula 1 is "a silly rumour" saying that "this is not the strategy of the company and not in Peugeot's culture."

Provera's remarks are odd in that the company spent seven years in Formula 1, some of it under his control.

Provera said that Peugeot was happy in rallying.

This is all well and good but does not explain what Peugeot is going to in the future. It has dominated the World Championship for the last three years and there is pressure from sister company Citroen for Peugeot Sport to get out of the way and allow Citroen Sport to show off the paces of its Xsara model. There is a great deal of logic in this move as continued victories for Peugeot will garner diminishing returns as victory will soon become expected from the firm.

But if Peugeot does pull out of the World Rally Championship there is a serious question mark over what sporting activity it should embark upon. The company likes to push its image as being a high technology company and so competition is a good idea...

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