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MAY 7, 2002

There is nothing new under the sun

THE news from America that Tomas Scheckter has got into trouble with the Indy Racing League authorities is no big surprise. Tomas is in trouble for unsportsmanlike driving which resulted in a big crash recently at Nazareth which put series frontrunner Jacques Lazier out of racing for six months.

But for those who remember his father Jody the news is no great surprise as Jody - who later won the 1979 World Championship - was a wild young man himself back in 1973. The then 22-year-old ran into trouble when he collided with Emerson Fittipaldi while fighting for the lead of the French GP and then triggered a massive accident at the British GP. Jody calmed down and began to win races in 1974 and five years later won the World Championship for Ferrari.

"I'll take my punishment and move on," Tomas said. "I just wish Jacques was better."