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MAY 7, 2002

Silverstone hopes that work will be done on time

THERE are no longer thought to be any worries about the future of the British Grand Prix, but work on the roads around the circuit is still not finished although it is hoped that everything will be done in time for the British GP on July 7. The roads which feed into the circuit are to be widened, which should enable the traffic to flow more freely while there has been considerable surfacing work in the car parking areas inside the circuit.

The work is also pushing ahead on the new A43 Silverstone bypass, which is being overseen by The Highways Agency. The government pumped an extra $12m into the program earlier this year to try to make sure that everything is done on time.

"The Government is totally committed in trying to get the Silverstone bypass up and running in time for the Grand Prix," said a spokeswoman for the Highway Agency. "Ministers recognize the importance of the event on the economy."

The additional money comes from the Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions.