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MAY 1, 2002

Moscow delays again - race in doubt

THE plans for a Russian Grand Prix have been put on hold again with the problem apparently being one of finance, with the Moscow city authorities no longer wanting to put any money into the project, leaving the private investors involved (whoever they may be) to come up with more finance if they want the race to go ahead.

According to the Russian newsagency Interfax the construction costs are $1.5bn with a seven year deal costing $250m. These figures are well in excess of accepted figures for both building circuits (which usually cost about $100m) and fees which cost in the region of $100m for seven years.

Whether these amazing figures are a reporting error or whether there is more to it than meets the eye remain a mystery, but if they are correct there is no chance of a Grand Prix of Russia as such vast sums are out of proportion to the value of a race to the country.

The news will be greeted with joy in the Middle East where there are several bids for a race.

We are still watching Bahrain...