Chrysler expanding sporting programs?

DAIMLERCHRYSLER's United States subsidiary Chrysler has just announced its first profit for several years and has revealed plans to expand production by more than one million cars in the course of the next decade. The company, which is run by German executive Dieter Zetsche is currently making around 2.7m vehicles a year, making it the third biggest automobile manufacturer in the US behind General Motors and Ford.

The company is planning a series of new models in the next 12 months and is also revamping its dealer network to attract new clients. As part of the faster moving model range, Chrysler is planning to release more sporting models and we may see the company becoming involved with the planned Ilmor CART engine program next year. This makes sense as DaimlerChrysler is using its Mercedes-Benz brand in Formula 1 and other European racing and its Dodge brand in NASCAR.

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