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APRIL 29, 2002

The Mayor of Monza

MONZA is best known around the world for its racing circuit. The Autodromo Nazionale is the home of the Italian Grand Prix and one of the best known racing tracks the world has to offer.

Things may be about to change...

Next month Ilona Staller, a Hungarian-born porn star who is better known as Cicciolina, is to stand for election as mayor of the city. Cicciolina is best known for stripping off during her campaign to be elected to the Italian parliament in 1987 (which was successful). She held her seat for five years, her major claim to fame coming when she offered to have sex with Saddam Hussein if he would release hostages during the Gulf War.

Now she is promising to make Monza a much more exciting place and says she is planning to build a casino and a theme park in the town.

"Everyone knows my name," she told the Reuters newsagency. "People will come to Monza to see me because I am

famous and that will bring lots of money to the city. The 51-year old said that this campaign will be rather less dramatic than 1987.

"I won't be getting my tits out because it's not about them this time, it's about more serious issues," she said.

Staller made an unsuccessful bid to be elected to the Hungarian parliament earlier this year.