Asiatech working on chassis development

IT has always been planned that Asiatech would eventually start its own Formula 1 team and while supplying engines to Minardi, the operation is also quietly building up its technical capabilities. The chassis team, based in the old Williams factory in Didcot, has already built a windtunnel model of a Formula 1 prototype and this has been tested at the Imperial College windtunnel in London. There are plans for a second model to be built and the organization is now in discussion with Cranfield University and Southampton about more serious windtunnel programs.

At the same time Enrique Scalabroni's engineering team is designing an all titanium gearbox while also doing automotive consultancy work for an Asian car company.

There may be a recession and some of the Formula 1 teams may be struggling for cash but Asiatech is clearly lining itself up to take over one of the vacant slots in F1 in the years ahead.

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