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APRIL 26, 2002

A bit of fun...

BERNIE ECCLESTONE's Formula 1 Magazine was once again the talking point in the paddock in Barcelona following the publication of what the magazine believes to be the 100 most powerful people in the sport. The list was certainly controversial with Michael Schumacher generously being named as number one rather than Ecclestone, the obvious choice.

Ecclestone was listed as the runner-up to Schumacher with Luca di Montezemolo of Ferrari in third place and FIA President Max Mosley fourth.

The list had a number of other exotic opinions, including the belief that McLaren marketing man Ekrem Sami is more important than team boss Ron Dennis. The head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Norbert Haug was not included at all although Takefumi Hosaka, who used to be in charge of the Honda F1 program, did make it to 41st position.

The odd thing is that Hosaka is no longer employed by Honda.

There was no-one on the list from Marlboro, the most important F1 sponsor for many years (with a seat on the F1 Commission) and Mobil's Earle Layman (another F1 Commission member) appeared under the name Robert Lierle.

Schumacher himself said of this new accolade that he felt it is "completely unfair" when he considers the amount of work he actually does.

""I should probably not even be on the list among the top 100," he said.

One name missing from the list was that of F1 Magazine editor Tom Rubython who has shown a considerable talent for attracting the attention of F1 team bosses in the last year.

Surely such influence should not have been ignored.