Schumacher crash ends Ferrari's week of testing

FERRARI is dominating the world championship but has no intentions of letting up, as the team has been busy testing this week with three drivers on two different circuits.

Test driver Luciano Burti spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Monza in a F2001, while the team's other test driver, Luca Badoer, spent Wednesday and Thursday behind the wheel of a F2002 at Mugello. Badoer tested along with McLaren and Toyota, while Burti ran solo at Monza.

Michael Schumacher took over from Badoer at Mugello on Friday and Saturday, but a rather large crash ended his program prematurely on Saturday. The team reported that a "technical problem at the front end of the car" caused the crash, and the world champion was uninjured. The car was unable to be repaired at the circuit, so the program was halted.

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