Lust and murder in Albert Park

THE Save Albert Park movement in Melbourne has in recent years attracted some unusual folk. The Australian Grand Prix they are there to stop has been a huge success and the few remaining members of SAP are the subject of ridicule from most of the Melbourne population.

The movement will not be helped by news of a love affair which went wrong between two members of SAP which ended up with a murder.

Romance blossomed between two David Vance Mizon and Lucy May when they manned the barricades of Albert Park back in 1995. They broke up in 1997 but the relationship was rekindled in 1999, despite the fact the Mizon was living with someone else.

The Supreme Court in Melbourne heard this week that May became pregnant and in September 2000 Mizon tried to strangle May at her home in the south-east of Melbourne. He then stabbed her 16 times. He later returned to the scene to "discover the body" in an effort to create an alibi but police were suspicious that he did not call an ambulance and because he had cuts on his hand. Mizon denied the charges but was convicted of the crime in February and has now been given a 21-year jail sentence. Justice Bernard Bongiorno ordered that he serve a minimum of 17 years.

There are therefore two less protesters in the park...

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